Xandar Kardian – Radar-based Vital Sign Sensor

Xandar Kardian developed a micro-vibration pattern recognition algorithm that translates millions of vibrations emitted from human bodies into data. Basically, Xandar Kardian is able to detect and monitor resting heart rate (RHR), respiration rate (RR), movement index and true presence detection using radar technology. Being radar, it is 100% non-contact, non-invasive, continuous and autonomous. So far, the US-Korean startup owns 27 patents and raised 3.6 million USD in funding from investors like Dubai Tourism, Philips HealthWorks, Stanley Ventures and Softbank Ventures Asia. The solution is already employed in several airports and shopping centers as well as by real estate companies and Samsung. For the Coronavirus crisis, the startup technology provides solutions to two different use cases:

Social Distancing

Their software for radar technology enables use-cases like counting people, proximity detection, and precise localization. It is also able to distinguish between adults and children, which makes it suitable, not just to factories or office buildings, but also schools, shopping centers and other public places. The precise and highly accurate object detection is possible due to environmental mapping, where radar recordings before and after the removal of an object are continuously compared.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Most people, who are infected with the coronavirus, can heal by themselves without constant medical attention. So sending people in self-quarantine and monitoring their health remotely helps to limit the number of stationary patients in hospitals and therefore enables healthcare workers to focus on severe cases. Xandar Kardian’s radar technology allows for remote health monitoring, by detecting changes in the resting heart rate or respiration rate, as well counting coughs, which can indicate if a patient’s health is deteriorating and medical attention is needed. It can be used for patient monitoring at home (telehealth), or at larger scale in nursing homes or hospitals.