Workerbase – Keep Production Lines Running in Times of Crisis

Workerbase offers a platform solution to optimize manual work processes for employees in factories, increasing productivity by over 20%. To support organizations in keeping their production running, the Munich- based startup has adapted its solution to meet the new requirements of the COVID-19 crisis. With the help of activity tracking through mobile devices or the startup’s self-developed smartwatches, Workerbase offers its customers a solution to monitor human interaction and reduce infection risks. This is combined with data analytics to identify potential risks fast.

Besides, the startup helps to secure social distancing through the replacement of face-to-face interactions with digital workflows and training-on-the-job to upskill workers. Finally, Workerbase’s holistic approach also allows organizations to increase workforce flexibility to react fast to unforeseen events such as sudden absences or missing materials. Point 9 Capital has invested in Workerbase and it’s proven system is already applied by leading companies such as Porsche, Siemens, and Unilever.

We organized an open product demo on the 6th of April. Here is an excerpt of it: