Smarp – Employee Communications Platform

Smarp provides online employee advocacy tools intended to make knowledge sharing simple and rewarding. The employee communications platform allows clients to create, aggregate and automatically distribute personalized content to every employee. It becomes possible to reach and engage the entire workforce with instant and relevant communications during times of crisis. Furthermore, the company’s platform can be used to leverage employees’ networks in social media for sales, marketing and recruitment, enabling clients to efficiently train their employees to become safe and efficient social media users, which is beneficial for both the client company and their employees as individuals.

The great benefit of the Smarp solution is that relevant information and news can be published in one singular place and is then distributed across several, different channels, catering to the needs and preferences of the users. Channels include a Smarp mobile app, a Smarp desktop version, collaboration tools like Slack or Teams, or a personalized newsletter. The use cases for this platform range from crisis communication, remote work, change management, knowledge management, M&As to employer branding and many more. Especially large enterprises with offices all over the world benefit highly from this solution.

With 12 million USD in funding from VCs like Nauta Capital, the Finnish startup counts large enterprises like BASF, Amazon, Marriot, Vareo, and l’Oreal among its reference clients. Smarp currently offers full access of the platform to existing customers, and free implementation and consulting services to everyone during the coronavirus pandemic.

Listen to Founder & CEO Roope Heinilä talk about how to keep your employees engaged and informed in times of COVID-19 with Smarp: