Sherpany – Meeting management platform for leadership meetings

Remote work is the future. The current coronavirus situation has made that clear, for some companies painfully so. Not everyone was prepared to switch to home office when the coronavirus spread rapidly and governments worldwide took action. Sherpany is an expert in remote work. While there are six onsite offices all over Europe for more than 100 employees, a lot of work is done remotely. But it’s not just the Swiss startup’s work style, but its core business, what makes it an expert in remote work: Sherpany offers a meeting management platform for leadership meetings, designed for distributed and/or remote leadership teams. Meeting agendas can be co-created, meeting materials collected and distributed, and questions can be asked and resolved asynchronously before the meeting itself. It also allows for management proposal approvals in advance. During the meeting, the platform supports the user with a minute’s feature to keep track of all decisions and tasks. Sherpany’s solution is available as a web application as well as a native app in iOS, Windows, and Android.

So far, the Zurich-based startup raised 4 mio dollars and counts among its reference customers large corporations like Oerlikon, Julius Baer and Swiss Life. Sherpany currently offers a solidarity program, where companies can easily test the solution and decide after three months, if and how much they are willing to pay for it. More so, you can get same day access to the solution, so get in touch with Sherpany now.

While this platform is useful in general, it is invaluable in crisis, as it allows for fast, virtual and binding decisions. Listen to CEO Tobias Häckermann describe the tool in detail and explain how Sherpany used it effectively in the coronavirus crisis for themselves: