Seervision – Automating video production

Seervision automates AI-assisted camera operation for remote video production. Based on computer vision and machine learning, the software enables cameras to track a subject autonomously and maintain ideal framing, no matter where the operator is located.

Many industry events have been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus. Business meetings were converted to video conferences. With the sheer amount of video calls and the lack of personal interaction, engagement at online events is bound to drop. Dynamic, high-quality video production can counteract this effect. High quality includes more than just good camera resolution, it means professional production, multiple views, cutting, moving, basically telling a story. Seervision offers a system that can connect to anything from a broadcast quality camera robot to a pan–tilt–zoom camera, and it only needs a single remote operator to take care of up to four simultaneously tracking cameras. If needed, Seervision can even operate the systems completely remotely and take care of the camera part of the production, plugging directly into the preferred streaming medium.

Since demand for virtual events is currently extremely high and some offices are in lockdown, Seervision set up a studio in Zurich with simple calendar booking. Speakers can record their keynotes by themselves – in accordance with Coronavirus-regulations – while Seervision operates the cameras and produces high-quality video content completely remotely. For DACH region clients, Seervision promises to set up onsite video production within a few days. The Swiss startup received funding from Horizon 2020 and Venture Kick, and counts big industry players like Google and Fox Sports among their customers.

Listen to Nikos Kariotoglou, Co-Founder of Seervision, explain the solution in detail: