Securing safer workspaces: A success story of Prosegur and Xandar Kardian

Today we’re sharing a success story from our Startups Against Corona platform between Prosegur and startup company, Xandar Kardian.

Xandar Kardian is a startup based in Canada, the US, and South Korea. They have developed a micro-vibration pattern recognition algorithm that translates millions of vibrations emitted from human bodies into data through the detection of resting heart rate (RHR), respiration rate (RR), movement index, and true presence detection using radar technology. The fact that it is radar, allows it to be 100% non-contact, non-invasive, continuous, and autonomous. This technology can monitor rooms and/or shops to notify if the maximum number of people is reached. We previously shared an in-depth look at Xandar Kardian here.

Prosegur is a multinational security company based in Madrid, Spain. With a focus on making the world a safer place, they have developed the most advanced solutions in the following four areas:

  1. Integral security
  2. Cash in transit
  3. Home security systems
  4. Cybersecurity systems

Their numbers speak for themselves, with 160,000-plus employees and a presence in 26 countries, Prosegur is an established and trusted company that understands the importance of innovation in remaining a global leader.

For this reason, when the COVID19 crisis hit, Prosegur did not just sit still. They utilized their existing Come in! Initiative, which invites startups focused on improving the future of security to submit their solutions to the following issue: “How can we contribute to creating safe and COVID19 free workplaces?”. They received more than 80 applications from all over the world – with 45 of the startups having actual commercial products. It was through the Venture-Client-platform Startups Against Corona created by 27pilots, that Prosegur discovered their winner, Xandar Kardian. With managing limited capacities as a crucial means to prevent the spread of the disease, Prosegur saw the impact that their solution could have on safer workspaces. The startup’s solution allows for highly accurate object detection, which as one of its many use cases, optimizes building occupancy level

The collaboration moves forward as a two-month contract between Prosegur and Xandar Kardian, where they will work on improving their product and demo. Additionally, they have the opportunity to collaborate with Prosegur’s business units and customers. If they find success in this initial collaboration, then Xandar Kardian might win a long-lasting Venture Client!

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