Startup Solutions for Covid-19 Problems

Here you can find startups that offer solutions to problems companies are facing as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

27pilots Venture Associates have reviewed all startups to make sure they comply with the basic Venture Client quality criteria. For each startup, you may request more information.

Workforce Planning
COVID-19 causes partial and even full shutdown of plants, as employees fall sick or cannot come to work. We seek solutions that enable employees in industrial production to communicate their sudden absence fast and easily.
TIMIFYOnline Scheduling and Resource Management SoftwareMunich, GermanyRequest Info
TIMIFY offers a SaaS solution for online scheduling and resource management. Using the TIMIFY Online Calendar one can manage all resources (employees, rooms, tools, etc.) in order to plan all their to do's and shifts. With the additional integration of the TIMIFY Booking Widget within a website, one can make all resources online bookable.
ScolvoWorkforce Planning and CommunicationBudapest, HungaryRequest Info
Scolvo is ables to digitalise complex survey based workflow processes with native mobile/tablet apps and web, fast.
adiutaByteDynamic Fleet PlanningSankt Augustin, GermanyRequest Info
AdiutaByte develops optimisation algorithms and the corresponding software services as complete solutions for various challenges involving the planning of vehicles or personnel.
cobrainerTalent Mobility and AnalyticsMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Cobrainer combines the results of an internal data analysis with the results of an external data analysis to provide an overview of expertise, strengths and relevant knowledge gaps of the workforce.
SitataTravel Risk ManagementKitchener, CanadaRequest Info
Sitata uses machine learning to monitor the world's news and social sources about threats and travel disruptions. The end-to-end platform is used by corporations that wish to keep their staff and assets protected.
ForecastWeb-based Project Management PlatformCopenhagen, DenmarkRequest Info
Forecast’s intelligent project and resource management platform automates tasks and helps organisations improve their financial and operational performance.
MavenoidTroubleshooting cloud PlatformStockholm, SwedenRequest Info
Mavenoid is an automated troubleshooting platform using a virtual agent that serves as the first level of support for technical products such as dishwashers, robotic lawn mowers, trucks etc. The solution leverages mavenoid’s proprietary troubleshooting algorithm and empowers customers to fix issues on their own.
neoheldenCorona-ChatbotKarlsruhe, GermanyRequest Info
Neohelden has adapted its technology and created a Corona-Bot for different institutions to enable users to ask specific, relevant questions from anywhere at any time.
CliniserveStaff Management ToolMunich, GermanyRequest Info
End-to-end solution covering the process from planning of flexible employees (considering their qualifications/availabilities) over assigning employees to vacant shifts to automated communication with all parties involved.
Leena.aiHR ChatbotPalo Alto, USARequest Info
Leena AI is an AI-powered virtual assistant (chatbot) that provides instant responses to employee queries. Users can access the chatbot via multiple channels, e.g. google chat, e-mail, Slack, Whatsapp, integrated into the intranet as a pop-up and more.
shyftplanShift Planning SolutionBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
Provider of a shift scheduling platform designed to offer shift scheduling and employee management services.
MATCHMANAOTeam composition platformFürth, GermanyRequest Info
MatchManao has built a platform that supports enterprises with compiling teams. Using psychological criteria, applied science and machine learning, MatchManao proposes team compositions with high interpersonal heterogeneity and optimal professional harmonisation covering employees, applicants and freelancers.
Supply ChainSupply-Chain Management
COVID-19 caused shutdowns of plant operations, disrupting supply-chains. We urgently need solutions to predict supply-chain availability and to locate alternative suppliers quickly.
xapixIntegration platform to combine API'sSan Francisco, United StatesRequest Info
Xapix's platform allows to integrate and combine multiple data sources. Xapix started the Covid19API that enables users to share and access data across the world. The use of this API is free!
archletAdvanced Sourcing OptimizationZurich, SwitzerlandRequest Info
Archlet’s sourcing optimization engine enables companies to redesign their supply chain in response to COVID-19 by allowing buyers to quickly find the best possible sourcing scenario when introducing second sources or more local suppliers.
celonisProcess Mining SystemMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Celonis uses data mining techniques and visualisations to enable informed decisions and transparent operations. Amid the crises, Celonis has developed new applications to provide transparence over increased costs and suppliers defaults.
GenLotsML Based Supply-Chain ToolChexbres, SwitzerlandRequest Info
GenLots' platform brings machine learning to the supply chain and enables companies to unlock untapped savings. With GenLots clients can discover optimal order plan while maintaining existing IT infrastructure and business processes.
zencargoSupply Chain TransparencyLondon, United KingdomRequest Info
Zencargos's platform uses automation and machine learning to digitise end-to-end processes of pre-shipment inspections and provides key supply chain insights on air, ocean and road freight, enabling freight operators to make informed decisions.
DCbrainEnergy and Logistics Network OptimisationLannion, FranceRequest Info
DCbrain is the Artificial Intelligence specialist applied to Energy and Logistics networks allowing industrial companies to optimize, forecast and make reliable flows to obtain operational recommendations in real time.
SOLEYOptimising Product PortfoliosMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Soley is the developer of smart data analysis and complexity management software designed to optimise product portfolio. The company's software platform links relevant data on a company-wide basis enabling product managers to optimise and maintain their entire portfolio in the shortest time possible.
ZdalyPredictive Intelligence with World DataHouston, United StatesRequest Info
Zdaly’s powerful predictive analytics help their clients immediately and successfully understand the impact of COVID-19 and the oil price on their value chain and help them craft the optimal path forward.
STORDNetworked Warehousing and DistributionAtlanta, United StatesRequest Info
STORD operates a warehousing and distribution network through one cloud-based dashboard that gives brands true visibility and control of their inventory.
ResilincSupply Chain resilience and Risk ManagementMilpitas, United StatesRequest Info
Resilinc's supply-chain management software offers a software product that helps to identify and quantify potential supply-chain vulnerabilities by mapping actual manufacturing sites and providing early notification of disruptions.
AVA Information SystemsRisk Intelligence and Data PlatformBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
Monitoring mass volumes of data from multiple sources, AVA calculates the statistical, present and predictive safety and risk of multiple scenarios.
risk methodsSupply Chain Risk Management SoftwareMunich, GermanyRequest Info
riskmethods helps companies proactively identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. risk methods also offers a Coronavirus Supply Chain Visibility Kit.
BRINGGDelivery Orchestration PlatformTel Aviv, IsraelRequest Info
Bringg's end-to-end solution digitises, optimises and automates logistics operations for maximum efficiency and customer experience.
CLOUDLEAFDigital visibility Supply Chain SolutionSan Francisco, United StatesRequest Info
Cloudleaf provides its clients with continuous visibility into the context, condition, timing and location of materials and assets throughout the supply chain.
ClearMetalSupply Chain Visibility SoftwareSan Francisco, United StatesRequest Info
ClearMetal's predictive logistics platform designed to unlock unprecedented efficiencies for global trade. The company's predictive intelligence platform centralizes data from disparate systems, structures it cleanly, makes it API accessible and AI ready.
PrewaveSupply Chain Risk assessment ToolVienna, AustriaRequest Info
Prewave analyses social media and news media data with advanced machine learning technology to deliver predictions on risks affecting the critical elements of their clients.
Remote Work
Everyone is talking about social distancing and many companies ask their employees to work from home. We need solutions to keep productivity high while doing work remotely.
scapicAugmented Reality Shopping ExperiencesBengaluru, IndiaRequest Info
Scapic is providing an entire Product Experience Management (PXM) suite that includes features suche as 360 visualisation and customisations on a product page as well as product activations on a landing page.
Blue Ocean RoboticsRobot Venture FactoryOdense, DenmarkRequest Info
Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces and sells professional service robots primarily in healthcare, hospitality, construction, and agriculture sectors. Their portfolio includes brands like UVD Robots, PTR Robots and GoBe Robots, a mobile telepresence robot for communication, social inclusion and CO2 reductions.
KenkouDigital Corporate Health ManagementBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
Kenkou's mobile app "Stress Guide" is a solution to conquer modern workplace challenges in times of Corona. Stress measurement is enabled via your smartphone camera, which analyses the individual respiratory and pulse rate. The platform then recommends targeted courses and exercises.
Academy of BrainOnline learning platformHelsinki, FinlandRequest Info
AoB offers research-based online training of core psychological skills including resilience, digital collaboration, remote leadership, recovery skills and many more in English. The company's FORWARD package has been specifically designed to support workforce during the Corona situation.
ÜberblickCommunication and coordination tool for remote teamsBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
Überlick offers a cloud platform for the communication, coordination and file sharing within remote teams. The platform is available for all forms of mobile devices and is able to automatically translate content into the users mother tongue.
fixfirstRemote Home Appliance SupportBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
FixFirst is an online platform for servicing large home appliances. The AI-first software enables the ecosystem of local repair services providers, manufacturers, retailers, and insurances by providing an instant error analysis and remote video consultations combined with a seamless booking experience.
ringoverCloud-Based Phone System for Remote TeamsMontrouge, FranceRequest Info
RingOver offers a click-and-play cloud-based phone system on mobile and web apps making it possible for distributed teams to stay connected to their customers, colleagues and partners. Remote teams can choose from virtual international numbers to receive and make unlimited calls to 100+ landline and mobile destinations.
Delta Cygni LabsRemote Collaboration SolutionTampere, FinlandRequest Info
DCL develops and distributes the remote collaboration software POINTR (cloud-based SaaS), which enables direct communication (video/audio) between technicians in the field with technical experts and/or other colleagues or customers.
badrapEmployee Cybersecurity AwarenessOulu, FinlandRequest Info
Badrap provides a all-in-one monitoring platform for email and IP addresses. The company engages people in cybersecurity awareness training, offering easy resources to protect their professional credentials and personal digital assets.
UbimaxAugmented Reality for Frontline WorkersBremen, GermanyRequest Info
Ubimax's platform offers Augmented Reality (AR) software, wearable computing devices, configuration and deployment services, as well as support, enabling frontline workers to focus on real-world physical tasks and not on complex and time-consuming computer prompts.
ChatvisorCo-Browsing customer service and analyticsSalzburg, AustriaRequest Info
Chatvisor enables their clients to offer web-customer consultation via chat and/or video to help clients browse, resolve doubts and enrich sales calls. Co-Browsing is possible without the need to install any special software!
SurflyCo-Browsing solutionAmsterdam, NetherlandsRequest Info
Surfly provides web co-browsing solutions enabling customers to share a browser session with a remote peer without any software or plugin.
TalentcubeRemote video recruitingMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Talentcube is a mobile-first Video-Recruiting platform that enables companies to conduct on-demand video interviews and communicate via live and/or prerecorded videos.
4tiitooHigher productivity in the home officeMunich, GermanyRequest Info
4tiitoo enables employees at large enterprises to do tasks on their computers more convenient and a lot faster by using their eyes to control the computer.
DemodeskIntelligent online meeting tool for salesMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Demodesk's platform includes features such as automated scheduling, real-time sales assistanceand next-level analytics to help sales and successfully convert more customers, faster.
SherpanyMeeting management platform for leadership meetingsZurich, SwitzerlandRequest Info
Sherpany is a meeting management platform for leadership meetings, designed for distributed and/or remote leadership teams.
LibrestreamVirtual collaborative working platformWinnipeg, CanadaRequest Info
Librestream enables workers with immediate access to the content, people, and guidance needed to inspect and solve issues quickly with the help of augmented reality.
CloudalizeGPU-powered Virtual DesktopsGehnt, BelgiumRequest Info
Cloudalize offers a full-stack of GPU-powered Cloud solutions for companies. Cloudalize offers Desktop-/ Computer-/ and Application-as-a-Service.
Many companies have to prepare for a time with less incoming cash. What are solutions to bridge this time? How can companies of all sizes control the cash situation better?
celonisProcess Mining SystemMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Celonis uses data mining techniques and visualizations to enable informed decisions and transparent operations. Amid the crises, Celonis has developed new applications to provide transparence over liquidity, insolvency risk and potential payment defaults.
Treasury Intelligence SolutionsEnterprise payments & liquidity management platformWalldorf, GermanyRequest Info
TIS is a cloud-based platform for international payment transactions, liquidity management and bank relationships.
CashforceCash management & forecasting platformHerentals, BelgiumRequest Info
Cashforce enables companies to generate a detailed & accurate cash forecast. It integrates with existing ERP systems and generates forecasting models for incoming and outgoing cash flows.
Declining Demand
COVID-19 causes declining demand in many industries. What are solutions to stimulate demand in these times? For example, the tourism industry suffers due to travel bans? What could be new business models or other solutions?
Visor ADLCredit products aggregator for SMBsMexico City, MexicoRequest Info
Provider of an acquisition, customer management and dynamic profiling platform intended to offer services to financial institutions in SME lending.
Moby MartWorld's first unmanned store on wheelsVärmdö, SwedenRequest Info
Moby Mart is developing autonomous & mobile retail stores. It incorporates self-driving tech, is staff-less, and the doors are opened and closed with an app.
Xente TechMobile payment and mobile commerce platformKampala, UgandaRequest Info
Xente is an online mobile payment and mobile commerce platform. It allows the users to do online shopping, pay bills, book tickets for buses, trains, airlines, etc. Users can also buy airtime, movie/event tickets, pay school fees, etc.
Virtual Events
Events, conferences and symposia planned for the coming months cannot take place due to COVID-19. We need solutions to create tangible and intriguing virtual events with participants from various time zones.
hopinAll-in-one live online events platformLondon, United KingdomRequest Info
Hopin develops a live online events platform designed to create captivating online events. The company's modular approach gives the ability to create event experiences through a variety of segments that are convenient for any number of people, enabling attendees to learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world.
Run The WorldLive online eventsMountain View, United StatesRequest Info
Run the World offers exciting formats and proprietary technology that enable attendees to interact with speakers and socialize with each other in a fun and engaging way.
AirmeetRemote EventsLewes, United StatesRequest Info
Airmeet provides a meeting management solution. The platforms beta version provides a solution to manage and host online events and meetings for communities. The features include, open & private interaction, one-to-one and many-to-many interactions.
MeetinVRVirtual reality platform for business meetingsCopenhagen, DenmarkRequest Info
MeetinVR is the developer of a virtual reality workplace software intended to carry professional meetings in virtual environments. The company's online platform combines the flexibility of online meetings with the interactivity of in-person meetings, enabling people to get together in fully customisable virtual workspace.
aiconixSpeech-to-text conversion and labellingHamburg, GermanyRequest Info
aiconix offers a range of features like face recognition, speech-to-text conversion and labelling from pictures and videos. They can go live in hours or days!
ContentflowAll-in-one live streaming platformBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
Contentflow allows media teams to distribute live content to increase reach, engagement and revenue. The platform includes automated subtitles, easy live-clipping/push-to-social, moderated chats and restreaming to all social channels.
SeervisionAutomating video productionZurich, SwitzerlandRequest Info
Seervision builds camera automation software for remote production, designed to make live video production effortless. Powered by computer vision and machine learning, the Seervision Suite enables your existing cameras to track the subject independently, no matter where the operator is located.
Preventing and Diagnosing
COVID-19 is spreading quickly and often undetected. To stop the spread in our private lives and in organizations like hospitals and companies, we need solutions for detecting, predicting, preventing and diagnosing coronavirus FAST!
ZeroKeyWearable social distancing technologyCalgary, CanadaRequest Info
Safe Space is an armband wearable that repurposes cutting-edge technology previously deployed by ZeroKey in enterprise and industrial sectors prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This core technology enables precise device-to-device passive distance monitoring accurate down to the millimetre.
ThryveHealth data analytics engineBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
Thryve is an analytics engine that computes a single, continuous health profile by connecting with all standard consumer devices, such as smartphones, wearables, and connected medical products. The solution is HIPAA/GDPR compliant.
Solter AnalyticsAssisted Social DistancingCroydon, United KingdomRequest Info
Solter Analitics' wearable device had been repurposed so that workers in the supply chain get a notification when they get within 'contamination distance' from each other. Therefore, they can carry on working in logistics and retail (warehouse operation, distribution).
Aura AirAir DisinfectionAzor, IsraelRequest Info
Aura Air is a complete solution for air detection and purification. It detects, purifies, tracks and notifies on all things air quality related in your home or office. The device uses has been proven to be effective against viruses similar to the SARS CoV-2.
aigoraImage data for AI training against COVID-19Munich, GermanyRequest Info
Aigora helps AI researchers and developers access high quality medical image datasets for algorithm training and testing. Aigora incentivises data protection compliant sharing of image data at scale to support the development of accurate and robust AI solutions.
Blue Ocean RoboticsRobot Venture FactoryOdense, DenmarkRequest Info
Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces and sells professional service robots primarily in healthcare, hospitality, construction, and agriculture sectors. Their portfolio includes brands like GoBe Robots, PTR Robots and UVD Robots, an award-winning mobile UV disinfection robot for preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, vira, bacteria and other harmful microbes.
sensalyticsReal-time people counting systems.Stuttgart, GermanyRequest Info
Sensalytics provides real-time people counting systems, which allows the detection of occupancy in a store. The counters are battery-driven and transfer the data via LoRaWAN, this allows for a very easy and fast installation. This solution solves the problem of manually counting in front of entrances in stores.
Hand sanitation stationsChargedUpLondon, United Kingdom
ChargedUp leveraged their solutions and network to develop and distribute low cost hand sanitising stations. The end-to-end solution can include delivery, installation and the supply of hand hand sanitiser on a weekly basis.
Outbreaker SolutionsFast-acting antimicrobial surfaceEdmonton, CanadaRequest Info
Outbreaker Solutions has developed and patented a very fast-acting antimicrobial surface that's made from compressed salt for high hand traffic fixtures such as door handles and railings. The product provides a continuous antimicrobial effect without any behavior change required for training or operation.
cosinussRemote Patient MonitoringMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Cosinuss product, earconnect, enables continuous capture and monitoring of heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, arterial oxygen saturation, etc. Based on this data, Cosinuss offers apps for sports, healthcare and worker safety.
ProxxiWearable Warning SystemVancouver, CanadaRequest Info
Proxxi's product, Halo, is a wrist-worn band that briefly vibrates to notify wearers that another band is within 6 feet (2 meters), reminding employees of the need to maintain a safe social distance.
Kiana AnalyticsRisk Exposure TransparencySunnyvale, United StatesRequest Info
Kiana's WiFi location analytics software, in connection with the unique identifier of a persons mobile device, can be leveraged in the location tracking of people infected with Coronavirus, and the identification of others who have come into close proximity.
Ariadne MapsRetail AnalyticsMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Ariadne Maps is offering a unique solution that allows the tracking of each person of a large number of people inside of buildings. This can be done in real-time, but more importantly, also with historical data for the last few months.
LabstepCloud-Based Data Platform for R&DLondon, United KingdomRequest Info
Labstep allows scientists to record work, share methods, test results and connect lab teams globally. The tool is an end-to-end solution that can be used in training for up-skilling volunteers to conduct lab test and in research work to disseminate standard operating procedures.
HaltianIoT solutionsOulu, FinlandRequest Info
Haltian provides retrofittable IoT sensors to measure dispensers and paper towel consumption and alert if a refill is needed. These and other IoT sensors provide powerful analytics for the cleaning personnel.
flowtifyHospital Quality Management PlatformCologne, GermanyRequest Info
Flowtify enables hospitals and retail stores to perform their ever-day tasks in a paper-less way. Using flowtify, clients can easily create workflows and to-do lists to gain transparency and facilitate onboarding.
Xandar KardianRadar-Based Vital Sign SensorSeoul, South KoreaRequest Info
XK's solution is able to detect and monitor resting heart rate (RHR), respiration rate (RR), movement index, and true presence detection using radar technology. Being radar, it is 100% non-contact, non-invasive, continuous, and autonomous. This technology can monitor rooms and/or shops to notify if a max. number of people is reached.
Komed Health Intelligent Communication Platform for Healthcare ProvidersZurich, SwitzerlandRequest Info
Komedhealth offers a powerful real-time communication platform, which drastically simplifies, fully secures and protects as well as potentially connects all clinical communication around the patient on-site and off-site. The platform is FREE during the Covid-19 pandemic.
WorkerBaseSecure Social DistancingMunich, GermnayRequest Info
WorkerBase provides companies with digital processes on mobile devices to limit human interactions, remote guidance and training-on-the job. The platform can also track & trace employees to further reduce transmission and limit risk.
19 LabsQuarantine monitoring & Telehealth solutionSan Mateo, United StatesRequest Info
The GALE|QKIT allows municipalities and governments to safely monitor patients’ health at home using smart diagnostic devices, maximising the period during which individuals being evaluated for possible infection can remain at home.
IDEEFight the spread AppMunich, GermanyRequest Info
IDEE used their technology to build an app that helps people reduce the spread of the novel corona virus (COVID-19) by sharing and updating their connections about their status.
KINEXONReal-time Location IntelligenceMunich, GermanyRequest Info
Among many other things, the KINEXON technology enables companies to avoid meeting at shift changes and adhere to social distancing, an important thing in times of the coronavirus.
4tiitooReduction of germ transmission pathsMunich, GermanyRequest Info
4tiitoo allows touchless/hygienic operation of devices in the medical/pharmaceutical sector or in (semi)public areas with high contact frequency trough eye control.
NanoPhyll Nano-Composite CoatingsMontreal, CanadaRequest Info
NanoPhyll develops innovative nano-composite coatings for different applications including healthcare and anti-microbial coatings.
Third Pole TherapeuticsPrevent and treat diseaseMassachusetts, United StatesRequest Info
Third Pole is developing the next generation of life-saving cardiopulmonary therapies using nitric oxide (NO) generators.
AQUAPORINBiological membrane for water purificationKongens Lyngby, DenmarkRequest Info
The company's technology purifies water by means of industrial biotech techniques (through aquaporins), that separates and purifies water from other compounds, enabling users to drink clean and fresh water.
Stay Connected
Many employees do not have a business mobile phone or a laptop. However, in case of closures of factories these employees need to be informed. We need solutions to be able to reach out to these employees on short-notice.
StaffbaseReal-time Employee Communication PlatformChemnitz, GermanyRequest Info
Staffbase connects workforces with a fully-branded company app for real-time updates and critical information. The platform offers instant notifications, a secure chat, and mobile access to shift plans, essential documents, and emergency contacts.
flipMessenger-Based Employee AppStuttgart, GermanyRequest Info
The Flip Employee App enables the company-wide exchange and distribution of information to all employees, regardless of whether they work in the office, in production, in the warehouse or part-time.
smarpEmployee Communications PlatformHelsinki, FinlandRequest Info
Smarp's employee communications platform allows clients to create, aggregate and automatically distribute personalized content to every employee. It becomes possible to reach and engage all employees with instant and relevant communications during times of crisis.
ReverFrontline Employee EngagementSan Mateo, United StatesRequest Info
Rever allows all employees to express constructive concerns and be recognised for their contributions. The company focuses on Frontline employee communication.
BEEKEEPERDesk-less workforce communication platformBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
Beekeeper's mobile-first communication and coordination platform is purpose-built for frontline and deskless employees without access to email. The platform also allows to schedule shifts, send messages securely and share files with employees.
Availability of Critical Parts
In hospitals, critical parts like valves for ventilators are short in supply. But also in some production lines, critical parts become scarce. How can we produce these parts quickly, for example with 3D-printing or other solutions?
AuthentiseAdditive Manufacturing AutomationMountain View, United StatesRequest Info
Data-Driven Process Automation Software for Additive Manufacturing. The company helps content owners and companies with technology that optimises designs and streams them directly to printers. This reduces additive supply and production cost.
XometryCustom Manufacturing NetworkGaithersburg, United StatesRequest Info
Xometry has built an on demand manufacturing marketplace covering 12 countries leveraging a worldwide network of over 4,000 manufacturers. Xometry offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, injection moulding and urethane casting.
InvenTrustValidating and Licensing of Critical Know-How and ProductsBoston, United StatesRequest Info
InvenTrust embodies the first Blockchain based marketplace for the exchange of critical know-how and products which have been hardened through expert-driven validations. These range from 3d printing instruction sets for respirator valves to innovative face masks to software tracking apps for visualising disease hot zones.
Nanofabrica3D Printing for micro and nano ManufacturingTel Aviv, IsraelRequest Info
Nanofabrica is a developer of patented additive manufacturing printers and proprietary materials. The company claims to produce parts with a precision of about 1-micron over a 5X5X10cm build envelop.
scoutbeeSupplier Discovery PlatformWürzburg, GermanyRequest Info
scoutbee's AI-driven suite helps procurement leaders find global suppliers faster and see deep insights to make confident buying decisions.
3YOURMINDAgile Manufacturing Software SuiteBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
The company’s online cloud-based 3D printing platform uses an instant online-analysis-and-repair tool, enabling users to find and connect to additive manufacturing service providers.
Additive IndustriesSolutions for metal additive manufacturingEindhoven, NetherlandsRequest Info
Additive Industries provides metal additive manufacturing for functional parts through their modular 3D printing system and seamlessly integrated information platform.
FABRIC8LABSMetal 3D PrintingLa Jolla, United StatesRequest Info
Fabric8labs enables the production of complex parts quickly, effectively and cost efficiently at room temperature and pressure.
DesktopMetalOffice-friendly metal 3D printingMassachusetts, United StatesRequest Info
Desktop Metal develops metal additive manufacturing machines accessible for entire engineering teams. The parts can be produced decentralised and just-in-time at no extra cost.
Digital Identification
There is no solution for companies, unions, associations, and small business owners to sign legal documents digitally. We need a digital, scalable solution that also complies with all regulatory and security requirements.
IDnowRemote Identity VerificationMunich, GermanyRequest Info
IDnow offers an AI-powered solution and enables a quick and secure identity verification. Users can open a bank account or apply for a loan easily, compliant, and of course, completely digital: from home.
NectRemote Identity VerificationHamburg, GermanyRequest Info
Nect's offers a video-based solution that allows companies to verify a users identity and legal documents remotely. The platform is highly automated and available for all mobile devices.
verimiSafe and Remote LoginFrankfurt am Main, GermanyRequest Info
Verimi provides a wide range of solutions such as Single Sign On Solutions (SSO) combined with a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as well as legally binding Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).
passbaseIdentity Verification EngineBerlin, GermanyRequest Info
Passbase allows developers to quickly & confidently onboard users and verify their identities with just a few lines of code. Passbase uses these checks to seed their network of user-owned, verified identity profiles. These profiles consist of personal information required for signup, a verified government document, and a user's biometric signature.
nivoSecure Instant MessagingManchester, United KingdomRequest Info
Nivo enables companies to provide their customers a complete signup and servicing experience, meeting all regulatory and security requirements. Nivo's platform offers Biometric Identity Verification, Compliant E-signing and Passport ID verification.
IDEEDigital identity verification solution.Munich, GermanyRequest Info
IDEE creates a digital identity leveraging public key cryptography, blockchain technology and the user's smartphone for a multi-factor-authentication access, using biometric verification. This OneClick solution can amongst others authorise money transfers or contract signatures. No usernames, passwords or tokens needed.
Virtual Daycare for Children
Young children are not able to attend daycare, playgrounds or hobbies and are thus isolated from their friends. Their parents struggle with entertaining them, as they have to work.
Patient Monitoring
Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, especially patients living with chronic cardiovascular disease are at risk for severe complications. Many patients worldwide are not able to receive timely treatment through office visits or physical therapy. To improve patient care, solutions allowing a convenient and effortless way of longitudinally monitoring risk patients inside and outside the traditional healthcare setting, are necessary