Prewave – Identifying supply-chain risks before they occur

Prewave analyses social media and news media data with advanced machine learning technology to deliver predictions on risks affecting the critical elements of an enterprise’s supply chain. With their technology, Prewave extracts, combines and processes millions of datapoints across news and social media, to build a visual geographical representation of risk events across supply chains in relation to the spread and effect of COVID-19. The data that is used to generate this map comes from multilingual public sources across the world that the system processes as close to realtime as possible.

Local aspects are assigned to these risk events along with other attributes such as the spread, size, organisational effect, industry and status of the event, allowing to represent the source and subsequent scope of each event. With this information in the format of a map, users are able to see the scale and ripple effects of the COVID-19 spread, as it happens. The map is already being used by many of Prewave’s clients in the automotive and logistics industry.

Discover the highlights of the open product demo, that was held on the 31st of March: