How can your startup help?

Please share solutions your startup offers, which help companies (incl. Governments and institutions like hospitals) to solve problems caused by the COVID-19 quickly.

Think beyond cure or vaccine. Think also about the business problems caused. 

This crisis demands pragmatic solutions that are ready to use and easy to implement. These will be the startups we’ll focus on mostly.

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Shared Problems

Business problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

Patient Monitoring

Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, especially patients living with chronic cardiovascular disease are at risk for severe complications. Many patients worldwide are not able to receive timely treatment through office visits or physical therapy. To improve patient care, solutions allowing a convenient and effortless way of longitudinally monitoring risk patients inside and outside the traditional healthcare setting, are necessary

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Workforce Planning

COVID-19 causes partial and even full shutdown of plants, as employees fall sick or cannot come to work. We seek solutions that enable employees in industrial production to communicate their sudden absence fast and easily.

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Supply-Chain Management

COVID-19 caused shutdowns of plant operations disrupt supply-chains. We urgently need solutions to predict supply-chain availability and to locate alternative suppliers quickly.

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Remote Work

Everyone is talking about social distancing and many companies ask their employees to work from home. We need solutions to keep productivity high while doing work remotely.

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Many companies have to prepare for a time with less incoming cash. What are solutions to bridge this time? How can companies of all sizes control the cash situation better?

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Declining Demand

COVID-19 causes declining demand in many industries. What are solutions to stimulate demand in these times? For example, the tourism industry suffers due to travel bans? What could be new business models or other solutions?

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Virtual Events

Events, conferences and symposia planned for the coming months cannot take place due to COVID-19. We need solutions to create tangible and intriguing virtual events with participants from various time zones. We also need solutions to demonstrate products online, e.g. virtual showroom solutions.

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Preventing and Diagnosing

We need a lot of masks and desinfect and both are hardly available these days. COVID-19 hometest kits would also help a lot in this crisis. We need solutions for preventing and diagnosing corona FAST!

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Stay Connected

Many employees (esp. factory workers) do not have a business mobile phone or a laptop. However, in case of closures of factories these employees need to be informed. To do this via mail is not fast enough. On top, the address information / private phone numbers are not readily available. We need solutions to be able to reach out to these employees on short-notice.

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Availability of Critical Parts

In hospitals, critical parts like valves for ventilators are short in supply. But also in some production lines, critical parts become scarce. How can we produce these parts quickly, for example with 3D-printing or other solutions?

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Digital Identification

There is no solution for companies, unions, associations, foundations, and small business owners to sign legal documents with banks digitally. This is because there is no easy way to identify business owners or accredited decision-makers online. Especially in times of Coronavirus, it’s a burden that all of these people have to go to the banks in person. We need a digital, scalable solution to identify the business owner or decision-maker.

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Virtual Daycare for Children

Young children are not able to attend daycare, playgrounds or hobbies and are thus isolated from their friends. They don’t have the same abilities to connect with their friends via meeting and social media applications than schoolchildren. Their parents struggle with entertaining them, as they have to work.

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