Passbase – Identity Verification Engine

Passbase developed a full-stack, self-sovereign identity verification platform backed by verified government documents, linked social media accounts, and biometric signatures. The tool is specifically designed to save developers time and effort. The complex process of identity verification is hidden behind a code snippet, which can be easily copy-pasted into any website or mobile application app (compatible with iOS and Android). Especially in times of coronavirus, companies can benefit highly from digital verification as it reduces unnecessary personal interactions and streamline onboarding processes.

The New York-based startup enables leading startups and enterprises from industries such as mobility, shared economy, trust-based marketplaces, fintech and age-restricted products to quickly and confidently onboard users and verify identities with facial recognition, liveness detection, ID authenticity checks and ID information extraction.

The identity verification engine supports more than 6000 types of IDs from over 150 countries in more than 12 languages. The platform comes with detailed documentation and strong support services. The Passbase solution is GDPR compliant and can be implemented in under three minutes with just a few lines of code.

So far, Passbase raised 4.2 million US dollars from investors like Lakestar, Cowboy Ventures and Eniac Ventures. Platforms Seedcamp and GigZoo are already using this identity verification tool. During the Corona pandemic, Passbase is waiving all subscription fees for companies helping individuals get access to virtual healthcare.

Learn more about this solution from co-founder Mathias Klenk: