Komed Health – Intelligent Communication Platform for Healthcare Providers

A McKinsey report estimated in 2018 that digitalization could save up to 34 billion euro in German hospitals alone*. Currently, healthcare systems, hospitals and healthcare workers worldwide are pushed to their limits with the sudden and exponentially growing Coronavirus crisis.

The Swiss startup Komed Health developed a platform that improves productivity of  healthcare providers, increases patient satisfaction and allows a more efficient use of the existing infrastructure. This secure and powerful communication platform is custom-built for hospitals to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration on patient data between doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. Komed Health aims to simplify, fully secure, protect and potentially connect all clinical communication around the patient on-site and off-site. The solution connects with critical hospital systems to break down the silos and push actionable patient data to the smartphone instantly (e.g. lab results, radiology reports). The application is available on Desktop computers and multiple mobile devices, which allows the platform to be quickly implemented and rolled-out. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Komed Health offers free access to its secure messaging app.

So far, Komed Health has received a funding of 2 mio euros. Swiss Medical Network and EOC already use this platform solution.

Luiza Dobre, CEO & founder of Komed Health, explains the benefits and applications of this platform in an interview: 

*McKinsey & Company (2018): Digitalisierung in deutschen Krankenhäusern – Eine Chance mit Milliardenpotenzial für das Gesundheitssystem, Healthcare, PDF