Kinexon – Ensuring social distancing on the shopfloor

As a fast-growing startup, KINEXON powers the emerging Internet of Things for factory workers. Caused through the corona crisis, companies face the challenge to ensure social distancing between their shopfloor workers, while keeping the production running at its best possible rate.

KINEXON’s solution addresses this problem with real-time location intelligence. Employees wear small KINEXON sensors based on UWB technology, and anchors installed under the ceiling detect their movements in a defined area. The whole KINEXON RTLS then records this data, while at the same time it’s provided within the KINEXON Real-Time-IoT platform for analysis and processing. This allows companies to verify whether social distancing and efficient shift changes work as planned to ensure both a continuation of the operations and the protection of employees. Industry leaders like the BMW Group, Continental, Zalando and Fraunhofer trust KINEXON’s solutions and ASM is one of the first companies working with KINEXON in times of Corona. The German startup has raised more than 30 million USD funding and its solution usually needs between 2-6 weeks until roll-out, depending on local factory and IT requirements.

Learn more in this product demo: