IDEE – Fight the Spread App

IDEE is a cybersecurity company which provides identity verification solutions using blockchain technology and public key cryptography. Based on its technology, IDEE built an app that helps people reduce the spread of the coronavirus by sharing and updating their health status. Users can anonymously report when they suspect or know to be infected. The app automatically contacts everyone who has been in direct contact as well as all indirect chains of contact. Based on the different statuses, time periods and contact levels (1st, 2nd or 3rd contact), the app calculates the infection risk of each individual and recommends actions.

In addition to the manual user update, the app also uses pseudonymized, data protection-compliant location data to determine individuals who don’t know each other, but happen to be in close proximity. So users get notified about all their connections with infected people, known and unknown, direct and indirect. This is done completely anonymously and adheres to all privacy laws. Governments, public institutions and companies benefit from this prevention app by reducing the risk of the coronavirus spreading within their organisations. The Munich-based startup received funding from QuarterMoore and its coronavirus prevention app is ready to use and free of charge.

Listen to Al Lakhini, founder & CEO of IDEE, explain the app in detail: