DBC Global – Patient monitoring, population health management and mental strength solution

DBC Global offers its platform solution to create sustainable health benefits and improve the quality of life of patients. They provide resources and tools to treatment providers, initially solely in spine care, but now modified to support healthcare providers fighting and treating COVID-19 patients. DBC Global’s platform is easily implementable and allows healthcare and patients to effectively communicate virtually. Patients can securely login into their mobile application, which is connected to a healthcare provider’s computer dashboard. After entering their background and individual symptoms daily over a period of 14 days, the healthcare provider will provide further assistance on how the patient may need to move forward.

DBC Global has an additional platform that helps track an individual’s mental state which may be impacted due to stress from the coronavirus-crisis. When deployed, the solution offers programs to combat coping mechanisms often picked up during times of crisis, such as excessive alcohol consumption or smoking. Tackling these stressors early on before they develop into more serious issues can potentially save healthcare costs in the long run. Backed by Finlandia Finance, the Finnish startup has so far raised 1.6 million dollars.