Automotive supplier Continental realizes fully automated material flow with startup KINEXON

Today, we’re circling back on a startup we previously shared about: Kinexon. This Munich-based startup Kinexon collaborated with one of our Startups Against Corona partners Continental, to help automate their entire supply chain using Kinexon’s geolocation solution. Continental is striving to transform their internal processes to become more seamless and connected through digitized solutions. This means everything from planning, production control, material flow, to product delivery. The partnership with Kinexon proved to Continental that this transformation is possible with the implementation of their RTLS solution.

“We have a clear vision: a fully automated supply chain from planning and production control to physical material flow, that is, from material delivery to production supply to product delivery.” – Jürgen Braunstetter, Head of Automotive SCM at Continental

Kinexon powers the emerging Internet of Things with real-time location intelligence. Their focus is on connectivity, artificial intelligence, and automation. A key technology that Kinexon has been able to identify and develop is geolocation. As a result, their RTLS solution delivers reliable and precise data and in combination with KINEXON RIot, a real-time platform that allows companies to control, optimize, and automate processes in production and logistics.

Continental had clear goals set from the start – improving frequently occurring processes to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and increase the speed of production. After completing an analysis, it was found that the greatest impact would be found in modifying the material flow through digitization, networking, and automation to ensure new seamless processes. Kinexon was able to achieve these goals through a large-scale project which included six applications being implemented in the model factory of Continental in Regensburg. The results included a quick 2-month installation to live application process, 30,000 m2 of factory floor being tracked live, and 0 instances of interference from WLAN. With such success, a seventh application is being developed in partnership with Kinexon.

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