Startups Against Corona is a Venture Client platform, initiated by 27pilots. We intend to quickly help companies solve hard problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through innovative solutions from startups.

I am a company. How do you help to solve business challenges caused by the Corona pandemic?
  1. Post a business problem that your company is suffering related to the Corona pandemic. We post problems anonymously.
  2. Let us know if you would like to learn about related solutions from startups.

In case we learn about a suitable solution, we will notify you and propose an introduction. We will only connect you to those startups that have been previously quality-checked by 27pilots according to Venture Client standards.

I am a startup. How can I help companies solve problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?
  1. Post a solution for any problem that the COVID-19 is causing to companies.
  2. Let us know if you would like to learn about the problems submitted by companies.

Think beyond cure or vaccine. Think about the business problems caused. Once we learn about your startup and solution, we might connect you to one or more companies that could benefit from your invention. For us to make an intro, your product solution needs to be mature enough to be purchased and adopted to do good immediatelyOnly then are you able to win an organization as your Venture Client.

What are "participating" companies and "partners"?

“Participating” companies are those that would like to learn about products of startups that solve problems caused by  COVID-19. Some participating companies have shared their problems and are published on this platform. These companies can potentially become Venture Clients to the offering startups.

Partners are “participating” companies and organizations that help spread the word about

Does my company need to be a customer of 27pilots to participate?

Nope. We will connect all participating companies with suitable startup solutions.

For our corporate customers, we will, in addition to connecting them with startups, also provide services that enable the quick integration and adoption of startup solutions. Read more about our Venture Client services here.

Fees? Pricing?

27pilots does not charge companies or startups for the Venture Client services offered at Startups Against Corona.

Why has 27pilots started this initiative?

Helping companies solve strategic challenges through startups is what we at 27pilots do best. And this is our main and only service. We now want to contribute our unique expertise and network to fight a challenge of tragic dimensions: COVID-19 that is threatening us humans, and in consequence, the companies and organizations on which we all depend.

Since 2015, we have been helping global corporations to discover and adopt cutting edge startup solutions to complex strategic problems. Initially, we did this at BMW at the world’s first Venture Client unit. Here we helped find and adopt solutions from startups that solve problems no incumbent could, in areas such as autonomous driving and electric mobility. In June 2018, we founded 27pilots to help companies worldwide discover and adopt strategically relevant technologies of top startups.

What does 27pilots normally do?

27pilots is a Venture Client Enterprise Services provider. Gee – what’s that? Well, we help companies to set up and operate corporate Venture Client units.

In the last years, applying our proven Venture Client process, we have identified and assessed thousands of company problems as well as startups with cutting-edge solutions.

Go to 27pilots to find out more information about our services.

What is a corporate Venture Client unit?

A corporate Venture Client unit is an internal startup department that operates based upon the Venture Client model. Facilitated through the internal Venture Client unit, a company buys the product, not the equity of a startup. This allows the venture client company to use and benefit immediately from many top-quality startup solutions, without the delay, cost, and risk associated with non-controlling CVC investments.

Notable Venture Client units:

Go to 27pilots to find out more information about Venture Client units.