4tiitoo – Controlling Devices Without Touch 

4tiitoo is a market leader in the field of eye control with its software platform NUIA. The Munich-based startup combines eye tracking and AI based user intention prediction to increase ergonomics and productivity at computer workplaces – including remote work in the home office. In current times of coronavirus, controlling devices through eye control represents an important opportunity to reduce risks of infection while still operating devices fast and efficiently.

Fields of applications are for example the medical, public or company environment, as 4tiitoo’s solution allows users to operate devices “hands-free” with eyes and voice and hence to comply with strict hygiene regulations. NUIA uses eye trackers which can easily be installed below screens and connected locally without any cloud resources. 4tiitoo has raised VC investment from High-Tech Gruenderfonds and Bayern Kapital and has participated in a variety of known accelerator programs such as Startup Autobahn and the German Accelerator. Its software program can be applied across all kinds of markets, while current customers belong to the automotive, mechanical engineering, energy or finance industry. To react to new corona specific requirements, the eye tracking startup is able to quickly develop new NUIA extensions and integrate them into existing systems without the need to adapt the software itself.