19 Labs – Quarantine monitoring & Telehealth solution

19 Labs developed a telehealth solution named GALE, which makes healthcare accessible to anyone working or living in a connected remote environment, like oil rigs, logging operations, ships at sea, airplanes on extended flights, etc. Providing quality Telehealth interactions with care providers that may be hundreds of miles away allows timely assistance in case of an accident or illness.

To battle COVID-19, the Silicon Valley-based startup designed a viral respiratory infection monitoring kit for home quarantine. Portable and cost-efficient, this kit includes a EKO™ digital stethoscope, a pulse oximetry and an infrared thermometer integrated through 19 Labs cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform. This allows municipalities and governments to implement minimally disruptive quarantine policies and safely monitor patients’ health at home using these smart diagnostic devices. The monitored individuals can remain at home, instead of risking further spread of the virus by going back and forth to hospitals or testing centers. This solution can have a huge impact on flattening the curve.

19 Labs raised 5 million USD in funding from investors like TEAL Ventures and TransPacific Venture Partners.

Listen to CEO and founder of 19 Labs, Ram Fish, explain the solution in detail: